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American History Chapter 4

Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia were
The colonies provided England with raw materials such as
The most powerful group of Native Americans
The Iroquois would become allies with the British because of
When indentured servants became scarce and expensive, Southern planters began using enslaved
The majority of white Southerners were not
directed the trade between England and the colonies
The main cash crop in South Carolina and Georgia was
this battle was a deciding moment in the conflict between Britain and France
The shipping trade also linked America to other parts of the
it called for “one general government” for eleven of the American colonies
The war in Europe was called
Philadelphia and __ were the 2 largest cities
Crops were sold in colonial markets and overseas
was the most important, cash crop of Maryland and Virginia
In the beginning, the colonists fought the French and the Native Americans with little help from
Quebec was the capital of New
William and Mary signed an English Bill of
Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania were ruled by
Rich soil and a warm climate made the Southern Colonies well suited to certain kinds of
The heart of the English system
New England had a large number of small
a serious of religious revivals among Protestants in the American colonies
was an important industry in New England
The Treaty of ___ marked the end of France as a power in North America
was important to the growth of the 13 colonies
After the war the British raised the colonists’ taxes to help pay this
In 1647 the Massachusetts Puritans passed a public education
hills and forests climbing up toward the Appalachian Mountains
established the principle of limited government
Nearly 100,000 __ immigrants came to America in the colonial era. Most settled in Pennsylvania
The first College
Connecticut and Rhode Island were
William Pitt was a great military
who could vote: White male who own property