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snake bite

Is a neurotoxic symptom
Sickness is not unlikely after administration of one or two vials of monovalent antivenom.
Presenting to ED, should not be discharged for at least 12 hours
may be prevented by antivemon, but cannot reverse it once it has ________
Hour post bite, repeat bloods and examination should be attended
____________ paralyisis is characterised by a progressive flaccid paralysis.
If bite is on the _________- apply local pressure over the site and immobilise the patient
Patients should never be discharged over night
Hour post PBI removal, examination and repeat bloods attended
Status should be sought and given if due
Home information sheet should be given on discharge
Patients should be warned of the risks of secondary bite
You wash the snake bite wound as soon as bandage removed
Is usually the first sign of neuromuscular paralysis.
A wound ______ may be required later for Snake Venom Detection kit
Vials of antivenom is required initially for a brown snake envenomation
Is checked on arrival to ED for haematuria and myoglobinuria
Antivenom is diluted in ________
Stands for pressure immobilisation ____________
May occur during administering antivenom
Is diagnosed based on clinical assessment or the demonstration of biochemical abnormalities.
Some black snakes cause a reversible anticoagulant ___________?
Muscle tenderness, pain on movement, weakness may be a delayed reaction.
Observation chart should be commenced as soon as possible
Actual snake bite patients should be managed in a monitored area
Is kept in the fidge
Over 5000 is biochemical evidence of envenomation