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Lesson 4 Spelling

a musical instrument that is shaped like a thin pipe and that is played by blowing across a hole near one end
the act of following or chasing someone or something
to blame (someone) for something wrong or illegal
a valuable stone (such as a ruby or diamond) that has been cut and polished
a substance used to stick things tightly together
a dark and painful area on your skin that is caused by an injury
to think that something is true or probably true without knowing that it is true
something that is kept as a reminder of a place you have visited, an event you have been to, etc.
to decide that a particular person or thing is the one that you want
a series of drawings that tell a story
To make (someone) uncertain or unable to understand something
to think that (something) is true without knowing that it is true
not tightly fastened, attached, or held
an opinion or way of thinking about something
to come or go into a place where you are not wanted or welcome
to get control of
to be unable to find (something or someone); lost
to have (someone or something) as part of a group or total
a wide street
the time of life when someone is young
to stop or finish
to travel on a boat or ship to a number of places as a vacation
to do or perform (an action or movement that requires skill)
a dish of vegetables and usually meat cooked in hot liquid for a long time
a way to get from one place to another place