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Chapter 3 - The Indians of New Mexico

October 10, 2017
An agave plant.
Changed what crops grew in what soil.
Means a half or either of two family equal parts.
In each household there were often three or more generations.
A society that traces its ancestral descent through the mother.
A Navajo house today may be round or rectangular, built of stone, and fitted with glass windows.
A pictorial symbol for a word or phrase.
Were cone-shaped tents of animal skins.
Were the spirits of ancestors.
A Navajo Medicine man.
People traced their blood relationships through their fathers.
Pueblo religion which recognized may gods.
Limited rainfall and river water meant they to practice a different type of farming.
Is a building material made by mixing water with a soil mixture of clay and sand.
A rock carving, especially a prehistoric one.
Were huts built around oval-shaped frames.
Was a group of blool relatives.