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A Dog's Way Home crossword puzzle

The dead body of an animal is a
The car they used at the time was new
The main character moved away, true or false?
Her name rhymes with Tabby.
The kind of dog he was, was able to herd in sheep.
The dog's name rhymes with Sam
She moved to a place that rhymes with ash and ends with ville
The dog was finding his way ...... ( rhymes with dome)
Her mom did not want her grandma to use the (rhymes with flight)
She lost the dog in the state that starts with a "V"
The unique color of the dog's fur rhymes with bed
Cars get damaged by these
There are many of these in the sky but one is on the dogs head
The dog's friend was smaller than a wolf but bigger than a fox
She lived in a state that starts with North
The second part of the city name rhymes with nap
The car she wished they rode in was old
To move quickly and easily is
The main character ........ the dog (rhymes with kinds)
The main character never....... on her lost dog.