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History 108

Wrong because all people are created in God's Image
The month in 1993 that Eritrea gained independence
Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990 led to this War
12 of the former Soviet Union nations formed this
Last African nation to receive independence
In October 1990, the country was unified
There are 53 nations on this continent
There are thirty-three nations in this part of the Americas
Head of Great Britain
In April 1994 the first nonracial elections occurred here
1n 1999 Panama took control of this
The group of European nations that worked to unite their resources into a single economy
This Treaty created the EU
The Soviet Union broke into .... Republics
Yugoslavia broke up into ... nations
Economic conditions and conflicts between political groups caused ....... in Latin America
Most African nations were once ..... colonies
Head of PLO
An accident occurred at this nuclear power plant in 1986
In 1989, the Berlin Wall.....!
Head of North Korea
Head of Poland
Head of Canada
They were forced from Power during Operation Enduring Freedom
Largest nation with a communist Government
In January 1991, the ........ Gulf War began.
Head of Russia
Rose to power in Afghanistan in the mid-1990s
Head of South Africa
The North American Free Trade Agreement
The Referendum for Separation took place in 1995 in this country
Czechoslovakia split into .... republics
They opposed President Somoza
1989 was known as the year of ............. in the satellite nations of the Soviet Union
In December 1991, this ceased to exist.
In 2001 the Towers in this Center were destroyed
This wall was built to prevent East Germans from escaping to the West
They opposed the communist Sandinista Government
Head of Israel
Head of Egypt
Head of Libya
This country claims the Golan Heights , although Israel has occupied them since 1981
The discovery of this improved the lives of many people in the Middle East