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US History Industrialization/Guilded Age Vocabulary

Company that does not produce anything; rather it "holds" stock in other companies (Two words)
A court order requiring you to stop or start doing something
People who "loot" an industry and become rich unlawfully were known as ______ Barons.
A gift of land by the government to build railroads, colleges, or other roads (two words)
This method of transportation allowed farms in the West to supply food to factories in the East.
Idea where the cost of manufacturing is decreased by making products quickly and in large amounts (three words)
Total control of a type of industry by a single person or company
The act of leaving your natural-born country to move to another country
A person who puts money into a company hoping to make a profit
Organization that unites workers in the same type of work
To combine two or more things
A business that agrees to only hire union workers
Settling a dispute by agreeing to follow the decision of a third party
Act of giving out or dispersed
Organization owned by many people but treated by law as if it were a person
When money becomes more valuable, it is called
Official name for a person who buys what is produced by the economy
A tactic where a company would lock its doors so the employees could not work
Combination of firms or corporations that get together to reduce competition