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Bible History and Genesis

Total number of Old Testament prophets
Primary language of Old Testament
Modern country where Abraham was born
River in the Garden of Eden
Wrote the most books in the New Testament
Father of Nations
First Pope. Wrote 2 epistles in the New Testament
Priest-King of Salem that offered bread and wine sacrifice
City where Lot lived after separating from Abraham
One of the rivers in the Garden of Eden
First son of Abraham
Modern country where the ark rested after the flood.
Modern country that Abraham settled in after leaving Egypt
Nephew of Abraham
Built the ark
First man
First woman
Wife of Isaac
Promised son of Abraham. Name means "laughter"
Name for the 1st 5 books of the bible
Gospel writer who also wrote the Acts of the Apostles.
Adam's son that murdered his brother.
Primary language of New Testament
Means 'letter'
Had possessions destroyed by Satan. Restored by God.
Wrote first 5 books of the Bible according to tradition.
Name of mountain where Abraham took Isaac to offer as a sacrifice
Tower of ....
Wife of Abraham
Major prophet read at Mass during Advent/Christmas.