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Atomic Structure/History

Proposed a theory that began scientific inquiry (as opposed to philosophical inquiry) into the nature of atoms
The smallest particle of an element that retains its identity in a chemical reaction
Subatomic particle with no charge and with a mass about equal to that of a proton
Discovered that an atom is mostly empty space, and that all positive charge and most mass of an atom is located in the nucleus
Discovered the electron
Measured the charge of an electron
The core of an atom containing its positive charge and most of its mass
Subatomic particle with positive charge that is located in the nucleus of an atom and has a mass of about 1840 times that of an electron
Subatomic particle with negative charge that has a mass of about 1/1840 the mass of a proton
Discovered the neutron
Philosopher who was among the first to propose the existence of atoms
Discovered the proton