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Enlightenment Exam Crossword

Teacher: Dittemore
I think ALL society is cruel and greedy.
Where thinkers gather to share ideas.
The leader of the British cabinet, for example
I may not agree with you, but I will defend your right to speak.
Government in which only a few share in power
Mine simply because I am human.
Making up the advisers to the Prime Minister
A government defined and limited by law.
My Social Contract says leaders should be chosen by us.
Leader creating social change through enlightened ideas.
I believe that business should operate without government.
I am a "lover of wisdom."
Grand and complex style of art of the 1700s
When government stays OUT of my business
A sharing of power, national and state
I believe that women are EQUAL to men.
I use enlightenment ideas in economics.
We the People share in decision making power
I've just published my Encyclopedia.
Personally rich and elegant
I believe the powers of government MUST be separated.
Someone considered to be on our side.
I just wrote a new pamphlet called "Common Sense."
When my rights of free speech are limited
Laws governing human nature.