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Ch 2: Animals as Organisms

A cluster of cells that are alike in structure and activity.
A species of animal that has mammary glands.
Process of a cell splitting into two cells.
The most commonly raised type of fish.
The relative stability of the internal environment. An example is the work of the circulatory system.
Fish are this type of animal.
Type of classification name for birds.
Bones that form a segmented spinal column
System used to distinguish different animals from each other.
Type of tissue that responds to stimuli and transmits nerve impulses
Any living thing
Makeup the internal skeleton that provides the body's framework.
Fish are covered with this __?__
An animal without a backbone.
Chickens, turkeys, and ducks are this type of bird.
A group of tissue with similar function.
Type of tissue that creates movement in the body.
Type of name used in everyday conversation for example an animal
Type of name based on the taxonomy of an animal species.
__?__ are the building blocks of living organisms.
Cell division for growth and repair.
Type of tissue that covers body surfaces and lines body cavities
Common name for a segmented spinal column
The most widely raised bird.
A group of organs working together to carry out a specific activity.
Vertebrates have a ___?___ that protects the brain
Only the first letter of the genus is _______.
Type of classification name for mammals.
Type of classification name for bony fish.
Cell __?__ is the difference in cells that allows them to perform unique activities.
An animal with a backbone
Attached to the skeleton and provide movement to the body.
The science of classifying organisms
The study of the form, shape, and appearance of animals.
The scientific name for an animal is made of its _____ and species.
Mammals have a heart with __?__ chambers.