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World History Unit 3

Chief magistrates of the ancient Roman Republic; now officials appointed by their government to live in a foreign city
Direct vote by citizens on a bill already passed by lawmaking body
The right of ordinary citizens to introduce or enact new laws on their own by vote
Government in which a few people hold the ruling power
Managing the affairs of a country or group of employees as a father manages the affairs of his children
Having to do with the common people
Person of noble birth; aristocrat
Government that suppresses all opposition and controls all aspects of people's lives
Greed for wealth
The right to vote
Assume without proof; take for granted
Scatter widely, spread out to cover a large space or surface
Characters or symbols that represent things or ideas directly, without representing the sounds of the word for the thing or idea
The branch of philosophy that tries to explain the real nature of things
Large land mass that is still smaller than a continent
Any religious or philosophical system claiming to have insight into the divine nature through spiritual self-development
Officials of ancient Rome, now any government official appointed to defend people and their rights
Ruler or chief in India
Person who denies himself pleasures and comforts
Method of temporary banishment practiced in Athens; now the condition of being shut off deliberately from others in society
To impress on the minds of others by frequent repetition; teach persistently
To make a god of, worship as a god