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Bee Smart Puzzle #5: Bee Taxonomy

Bee Smart beekeeping project
Classification level below Genus (and sub-genus) ie. Apis mellifera
Species of honey bee identified as Apis_____ AKA the Eastern honey bee
Sub-species found in Crete and named after noted beekeeper Brother Adam.
Classification designation level. ie. Apis
Sub-species from Northern Europe AKA German Black Bee. First honey bee brought to the Americas.
Sub-species of A.m known as the "African" bee
The "Order" which honey bees are classified under below the "Class" Insecta
Sub-species of A.m known aas the "Italian" honey bee.
Cold weather sub-species from Slovenia area of Europe.
A sub-genus below the Genus Apis
Level of identification below species, ie. Apis mellifera ligustica (or abbreviated to A.m ligustica)
The "Family" in the taxonomy of bees coming below the "Order".
A sub-Genus under Apis.
Sub-species from the Georgia (near Russia) area of Caucasus Mountains.
Sub-species from Northern Africa area notably Libya
The category below a Genus in taxonomy to describe evolutionary deviations from the common, shared Genus
Sub-species from the area of South Africa. AKA the Cape bee.
Species of honey bee under sub-genus megapis. AKA the giant honey bee.
Type of honey bee classified as Genus Apis and species _____ AKA "Western Honey bee"
Sub-species from Southern Greece Noted for high honey yields and low swarming.
Is the Genus in which honey bees are classified as. "apis is also listed as a sub-genus under "Apis" (along with Micrapis and Megapis)
Sub-species found in Mediterranean AKA the Cyprus honey bee.