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World History Chapter 8 Rome

Roman who ruled with complete but temporary power
Island off the toe of Italy
A government in which the leader is not hereditary, but put in office by voting citizens
Roman spear
Three wars Rome fought against their African rival
Washington's hero
Lower public officials in Rome
Roman administrators who ran the government and army/ served two years
Became Roman Emperor immediately after Augustus
Type of brothers who founded Rome
To kill by surprise/suddenly
Killed by Romulus
9,000 Roman soldiers who protected the Emperor
He attacked Carthage to force Hannibal out of Italy
Roman marketplace
He fiddled while Rome burned
Build wall in Britain to keep the Scots out
Wealthy landowner/member of ruling class in Rome
Rome was built on this river
Governor of a Roman Province
Rome was built on this plain
Mountain range in Italy
Represented the patricians in the Roman Government
Large farming estates
A unit of the Roman army
A political alliance of three people
Along with Ostia was a major port city in Italy
This sea is between Italy and Greece
Common people of Rome
A system of money
Assassinated Julius Caesar
To reject
Long period of peace in Mediterranean under the Roman Empire
Rome gained this after the Battle of Zama
destroyed by the explosion of Mount Vesuvius
This sea is to the west of Italy
Human made channels for carrying water long distances
He used elephants to attack Rome
This Council represented the plebeians in the Roman government
Destroyed the Jewish temple in 70AD