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Sun,Earth,Moon Crossword puzzle

The side of the moon facing earth is dark is called a
The moons entire lighted side is visible from earth
An eclipse where the moon does not completely cover the sun
The earth is tilted on its
The earth around the sun
An eclipses occurs at a full moon when directed to the earth
An eclipse occurs when the moon passes between earth and the sun
An tide occurs when the sun, moon, and earth line up
The sun and all the other planets and other body that travel around the
Half of the moons lighted hemisphere is visible from earth is a moon
A person standing on the moons would see a partial solar eclipes
Differences in the moons pull on different parts of the earth causes
An occurs when the moons shadow hits the earth or earths shadow hits the moon
The force of pulls the moon and earth towards each other
An tide occurs when the sun is at right angles to the line between earth and the moon