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Photography History

She pwedered her face with ___ to improve the contrast of her skin tones.
Gustave Le Gray in 1850 faced problems shooting a series of ___.
When you shoot protraits, you need to ____your subject.
Photgraphy made it possible for the ____ middle class to have portraits made.
1861 to 1865 teams of photographers and ___ were sent into American west to document the landscape.
He had to print both ________onto one sheet of paper, properly registering and combining the two.
Timothy O'Sullivan has good examples of ___ photography.
All of that to get a properly _____ image of a very simple landscape.
The wet plate collodion process that Le Gray was using was so sensitive to _____ that it had a difficulty distinguishing between the sea and the sky.
Julia Margaret Cameron managed to make her protraits look natural, conveying an inner life.
Other photographer were ___ travel photography.
The first ____ process that we would recongnize as a photograph...
Julia Margaret Cameron started photography at ___.
Fox Talbot's first negative was a shoot of a ____ at Lacock Abbey taken in 1835
First efforts to document a country and its way of life.
Her subjects rarely look directly into the ___.