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history puzzle

With descartes, rejected the assumption of aristotle; veiwed the scientific goal as improving technology, not supporting the bible
A logocal or possible explanation to a problem to be tested using the scientific method
A branch of mathmatics partially developed by newton
Explained all matter as being composed of tiny particles that behave inknowable ways; proposed laws governing gases
A step by step process of discovery requiring the collection of accurately measured data (2words)
Mathmatecian who plotted the orbits of planets and discovered they are eliptical
Argued that there were uniform laws of nature and that all motions could be measued mathematically
The scientist who proved that the earth moves around the sun; in 1633, the inquisition forced him to recant his heliocentric veiws
Danish astronomer who collected data to prove that copernicus was correct
Copernicus's idea that the sun and not the earth was at the center of the universe
Proposed the need to search for provable knowledge; the only assumption he could not question was doubt itself
Polish astronomer who proposed a heliocentric model of the universe
Proposed by newton as the force that keeps planets in orbit