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The Election Process

What state has the first caucus?
How do candidates raise money for their campaign?
What state has the first primary?
This is also known as a big political pep rally
Electors (Only 2 permitted in each state)
Gave Washington D.C. the right to vote
Who can vote?
First Tuesday in November
The Commander in Chief is also the
Electors (Number of these depends on population of states)
This includes political debates between candidates, advertisements and rallies to excite supporters
What animal represents the Republican Party?
What animal represents the Democrat party?
Inauguration day is on what day?
Congressmen, governors, mayors, and former political fit into this category.
When 48 states vote for one candidate
The process in which we chose our president is which process?
Gave African Americans the right to vote
Gave women the right to vote
Elected by a community to represent them and vote for the candidate the community wants to win
Candidates release ________ to see how the public responds to them as a presidential candidate