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Honey Bee Anatomy

Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association 
November 2017
Body segment with wax glands
Sting gland
Gland producing footprint pheremone
The flexing elbow of the antenna
Openings that allow blood to enter the heart
Number of eyes
Mandibular alarm pheremone
Overlapping dorsal plates of the abdomen
True stomach
Soft pad between foot claws
Eastern honey bee species
Queen food
First leg segment
Bee blood
Honey Bee tongue
Body segment with wings
Skin or outer covering of egg
Foot segment of leg
Honey bee family
Wing hooks
Converts nectar sugars
Longest antenna segment
Organ in antennae
Spoon shaped lobe at the tip of the tongue
Western Honey bee species
Overlapping ventral plates of the abdomen
Pollen basket
Gland that produces queen substance
Tubes where eggs develop
Simple eye
Honey bee genus