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Immigration History

I.D. # _____-_____
Passengers on ships often formed groups to ____ themselves and their property.
From 1793-1815 immigration was _____ completely cut off.
The _____ War and CA Au Rush lessened the nativist trend.
In the 1840's immigrants were helped and protected by numerous _____ societies.
A period of "_____" between 1834-1860 created a climate of hostility towards new immigrants.
_____Garden Immigrant Depot, NY was created in 1855.
The _____ policies of King Louis XIV forced many into exile.
All freedoms come with ____.
____ is a way citizens can change government.
During the term of J. Adams fear of "enemies" immigrating here, longer ____ requirements were passed.
NY used a ___ on passengers, in an effort to "support foreign poors."
A Federal ____ of passenger ships was passed in 1819 requiring captains to submit a roster of passengers.
In the late 1600's there were ____ different languages spoken in the NY colony.
If either of your parents is a US citizen, you are ___.
____ settled in what was to become MA.
In 1790, Congress passed as Act to establish a uniform rule of ___.
The "melting pot" of culture blending began in _____.
Giovanni Caboto was the first to explore N. America in the name of ____.
"Man is the ___ of man."
Our two largest groups of early immigrants were from _____ and Ireland.
The cheapest and worst accommodations on a ship.
New citizens must take an Oath of ____ to the US.
Immigrants were packed into ships like _____.
In 1847, Congress passed an Act to set _____ for vessels carrying passengers to the US.
There are many rights _____ to all people in the US, not just citizens.
In 1847, SCOTUS declared many state emigration laws to be _____.
By 1897, NY had become the _____ American port due in part to the construction of the Erie Canal.
____ is the act of betraying your country.
Starting with our Civil War, immigrant _____ can "fast track" their citizenship.
In colonial times _____ was the most important port.
The voyage to this country was as long as ____ months.
Throughout history, people have left one country and gone to another for religious, political, and ____ reasons.
Early general policy was to accept immigrants but not to ____ them.
The 30 Years War left the ____ continent in despair.