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American Revolution - Causes

During the Boston ______, several colonial protesters were killed by British troops.
The new laws and taxes created more ______ among the colonies.
The ____________ War was fought between the colonies and New France.
The ______ Act placed a tax on sugar and sugar products in the colonies.
A group called the __________ formed in 1765 to protest new taxes and laws imposed by the British.
In 1774, the First Continental _________ met to discuss what to do about the British taxes and laws.
Most people who moved to the colonies wanted freedom of __________.
During the Boston ________, colonial protesters dumped British tea into the Atlantic Ocean.
The First Continental Congress established a ________ of British goods.
The ________ War began on April 19, 1775.
A new group of laws called the ________ Acts was used to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party.
The colonists were upset about the new taxes and laws because they didn't have _________ in British Parliament.
The ______ Act placed a tax on printed and minted money in the colonies.
When a nation is free from the rule of another nation
The British placed a _______ on Boston Harbor, halting trade in the area to punish the colonists.
The British taxed the colonists for the _______ who fought in the war.
The ______ Act placed a tax on paper products in the colonies.
The ________ Act forced colonists to let British soldiers live in their homes.