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Election 2017 Crossword

Formally selecting a candidate for public office
The way someone feels about something
Political Party to the right of the political spectrum
Something that can be proven true or false
Political Party to the left of the political spectrum
Extremely Conservative
Lack of interest
System we use in the United States to select a President.
Selecting a candidate to RUN for political office
Extremely Liberal
Any attempt to promote a person or idea
A very large information/communication source
You must register to vote at least this many days before the election
The month that the general election is in
Preserve customs and traditions. Do not favor change.
If you aren't available to vote on election day, you can vote up to 12 months before through this
Monitor the actions of office holders
Something you must do before you vote
To enlist someone
A one-sided point of view
A newspaper article that expresses opinons from the editor
Political Party that rarely wins elections, but often introduces new ideas
To stress the importance of something
A competition between rival political parties to get a candidate elected
All of the people eligible to vote in an election
Center of the political spectrum. The political center.
In favor of progress/reform.