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Maryland city, not Baltimore
Real Leader of the Third Reich
Lee, Marvel
Vice Chancellor, feuded with Himmler
Ford, Kissinger, and Simon
Richest Person Ever, the first
Voldemort, Darth Vader, and Cthulhu are all this
Supposed Macedonian God
1992,1996, and 2016 candidates
Prussian Great
Cigar and Whiskey Prime Minister
26 and 32
Current Monarch #2
Creator of "Voodoo Economics"
Terry, Lester, Joe, Mac, Buddy, Fred, John, and Larry are all male of these
First American Colony, Saint
9-11 Bin
Successor of Top Hat Man
Ford started making these in 1903
Feuded with the Lightbulb man
Sun Records is a Memphis-based Record _____
Machiavelli, sans "the"
First name pushed for healthcare during husband's reign
41 and 43
Failed to get Russia and Egypt and dethroned by English
Agnew left the office of Vice Presidency ______
His last stand
Angus Deaton, 2015 winner in this Noble Prize
Lover of Hemings
11 mysterious deaths in this dynasty
After Stalin, Before Khruschev
Mascot of the USA Mens Olympic Table Tennis Team
Led a coalition against the US with his native people
Ansel Adams' Art
County Louth is in it
1864 act did this to slavery, starts with A
Space-x and Tesla
The General, Dukes of Hazzard