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The Story of Abraham

Chapter 4
What God tested in Abraham when he asked him to offer Isaac.
Means "princess."
Abraham's father.
City where Terah settled with his family after leaving Ur.
To know God and be known by God.
Son of Terah.
Living in the land of Canaan when Abraham arrived.
Genesis 11 ends with the toledot of this person.
Abraham's son by Hagar, Sarah's servant.
The chapter in Genesis where God restates the covenant and carries out a ceremony of offerings.
The land where Ur was located.
The chapter in Genesis where God restates the covenant and says the seed is to be from Sarai.
Abraham was the founding ancestor of this nation.
The pagan Moon god worshiped in Ur.
Covenant God made with Abraham.
The percentage of bounty Abraham gave Melchizedek.
The number of years Abraham's descendents would be enslaved in another land.
Means "exhalted father."
Father of Lot.
Means "father of a multitude."
King of Salem and Priest of the true God.
The number of sons Terah had.
The chapter in Genesis where God first gives Abraham the covenant.
Genesis 12-50 are mostly about this person's family.
Abraham and Sarah's son that God promised them.
Wife of Abraham
Terah is listed at the end of this person's toledot.
The city Abraham was born in.