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Capital Scramble

French wine descriptor that is translated as "growth"
Things for sore eyes
Half of Hungary's capital
"Je ____ l'Etat."
"It's been such _______ to have you on the show". (Interview closer)
West Coast painter who often uses the New York Times as a canvas
Cold opener
99 Down is its capital
Residential mortgage
Presidential hue
Places where lots of vitamin D products come from
Woody's wife and Mia's daughter
She marries George in Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"
Honorable ______
Personal debts
Harry to Sally: "OK, you're still __________ nails."
"Laissez ___ bons temps rouler!"
62 Down is its historic capital
French decoration, abbr.
"_____ Jesu", motet popularized by pop-opera trio "Forte"
Sn on the periodic table, used to make bronze
Candy maker Joseph that started producing ice cream in 1928
90 Down is its capital
Most popular cameras for 35mm film
Synthetic fabric
Specialty papers maker
Mathematical relationship where the divisor is greater than the dividend
Amo, in candy heart-speak
Fake driver's license?
"To clean, use ______ rag."
Scandinavian variation on Theresa
Where 26 Down wanted to meet, briefly
2 Down is its capital
Tuna, in Toledo
Perform as well
High tech eye surgery
The girl who fell down the rabbit hole, colloquially
ISIS munitions
"O God, the proud _____ against me", choral work by Renaissance composer William Byrd
Male contribution to reproduction
Michelangelo sculpture in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome
Adjective meaning towards the mouth
21 Down is its capital
Dia de ___ Novo, first of January in Rio de Janeiro
Sound coming from a leaky balloon
Bag tag for Plano, Texas
Movie street where lots of nightmares happen
Species of daffodil with yellow flowers
Ma ____, like mom and pop
Baywatch babe
Ctrl+Z on Windows and Command-Z on Macs
Type of vacation often awarded on game shows
Grampa, in Grosseto
10-Down is its capital
"________ on the street", similar to "as word has it"
"Let's go"!
Commie kids?
Class of European rockets
51-Down is its capital
Religious art, in Arrezzo
Pop singer Richie
Butch, abbr.
Popular cleaner for contacts
USPS code for the Mount Rushmore State, phonetically
Q-U link
Hoopster Steph and family
Frank Lloyd Wright's suburban ideal
Opposite of out
You have to send it to the IRS by Apr. 15
First through eighth
The largest of China's inland provinces
Unstated, as in approval
Seeks favor
The 2nd tallest bird, after the ostrich
Noted hairstylist with lots of eponymous hair products
House Minority Leader
Tesla's Musk
Strike down
Tail of a classic cocktail, used to dub new variations
6'-8" Argentine forward cut by the Nets this year
She starred in Cukor's "A Star Is Born"
Techie shorthand for totally wired people, processes, data and things
Famed gospel singer Jackson
Avian wader
Homer's cry
Smoother and softer appearance, feel, or taste
"If ____ say so myself"
Objectivist Rand
Canine offering
"Lazarus ____ from the dead", Sunday School lesson from the New Testament
"Too blue!", in Bordeaux
Not quite hot
"The emperor ______ clothes"
Summer (season):English = ____ (_____):French
Famed Enlightenment architect who designed a cenotaph for Newton
Pre-fab homes
Charlie the Tuna's employer
____ Miss, Southeast Conference stalwart
Disappearing inst. of country life
Pulitzer-winning PolitiFact website founder
Cursive typography, abbr.
Bears, in Bilbao
Common bottom procedure
Uber CEO Khosrowshahi
Candidate di Blasio: "If elected, ______ to do all I can to change that."
60s radical org.
"________ questions, tell me no lies"
Guaranteed Rate Field's White _____
Rank above captain in USMC
Fluxus artist Yoko
Capital of Norway
Hyperlipidemia, abbr.
Courtroom chat between the judge and the lawyers
Hoppy brew
Capital of Nouvelle France until 1763
Mohegan chief allied with the colonists in New England
"Don't you worry your _____, young lady", abbr.
"Giving _______ comfort to the enemy"
One-piece for kids
Prepositional debate about places?
_____ Person, legalese for a foreign national
Supposed master race, in Rioja
Common unit of measurement for beluga
Express train line to Paris Disneyland from centre ville.
Like colognes, they have less fragrance compared to parfums, abbr.
A Final Fantasy XI enemy
Suffix denoting tumor, hernia, or swelling
It is slang for diamonds, crystal meth or kill