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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling Wk 9

Spelling Wk#6
Fairy tales often start with ‘Once ____________ a Time ...’
Kittens are tame, we can have them as a pet. But a tiger, is a _________ cat, not a pet.
On a nice day, we can play outside. But when it’s raining we play _____________
When you hit hands together in the air with someone else who has done something well. We call that ‘Giving a _____________ Five.’
We go down this on our bum, at a park. ____________________
I am very sweaty, it is ___________ hot out today.
A pilot flies this, but it is not an airplane. ______________________
I felt _____________ after I ran the race.
‘O Canada, ____________ home and native land ...’
The opposite of ‘usual’. ____________________
5 plus (+) 5 (=) equals 10. 5 minus (-) 5 (=) equals 0. 5 divided by (/)5 (=) equals 1. 5 __________ (X) 5 (=) equals 25.
We __________ into an apple to eat it.
On a clock, there is a ‘minute’ hand and an ‘___________’ hand, and sometimes a ‘second’ hand.
When my tummy was upset I _____________ sick.
I live in Arnprior, ____________ do you live?