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Bee Smart Crossword #6: Bees & Pesticides

Bee Smart beekeeping project
_____ dust is very dangerous to honey bees because it does not kill or disorient foragers immediately but is slow and foragers take it back to the hive to be distributed into the pollen.
Water soluble _______ is a another formulation of pesticide spray application.
Dust formulation of applied pesticides are often considered most more dangerous to bee because they _____ to the branched body hairs of the bees and to gathered pollen.
_____ poisons are absorbed by bees through their exoskeleton.
________ toxic is able to be safely used provided accurate application but cannot be used on bees in the field or in the apiary.
A class of pesticides that can cause disorientation, paralysis, and regurgitation in bees.
A method of pesticide application that is almost always more toxic than sprays.
Herbicides, fungicides, desiccants and _____ are typically considered to be relatively non-toxic to bees.
Fluvinate, the active ingredient in a common hive treatment, is this class of pesticide.
Poisons are those that are absorbed by the through the alimentary (stomach and intestines).
______ powder formulation of spray application that is typically more hazardous than other spray formulations.
Most herbicides and fungicides have been find to be ____ to honey bees.
While ____ aren't usually considered toxic to bees, they pose a threat in reducing available forage in the area to foraging bees.
A type of formulation of a spray pesticide application.
______ is how pesticides are labeled if they are found to experience severe losses after visiting treated areas on the same day or day after.
Insecticide residues degrade more slowly or rapidly largely affected by the _________.
Colonies one mile or more away from a ____ area are generally considered safe from pesiticidal effects.
Poisons that are absorbed through bees respiratory system are called ________.
Soil and ____ treatments are usually considered the least harmful to bees because the pesticides do not contact plant surfaces.
Large numbers of dead bees near hive entrances is usually an obvious ____ of a pesticide kill.
___ is the best time to prevent harm to bees when applying pesticides outdoors.