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History of Western Europe

Europe's major religion
Lawmaking body in England.
Name of the plague that raged in Western Europe
French general who took military and political control of France in 1799
A change from an agricultural society to one based on industry
The conflict between the United States and Soviet Union in the 1980’s. _________ War
The process of melting and fusing tin and copper.
Country ruled by Franks
England was ruled by what 2 groups? Angles and _________
Church that was wealthy and had power over numerous aspects of society?
Device that carries water long distances
War fought between 1914-1918. Germany lost this war
The government sponsored murder of 6 million Jews.
Christian communities
Astronomer who proposed the theory that the Earth and planets orbit the sun.
System when kings gave land to nobles in return for military service
Time when people began to use reason to observe and describe the world around them
Period of transition between ancient and modern times. Also known as Medieval Age.
Warrior people from Asia
German radical who built the Nazi Party after World War IGerman radical who built the Nazi Party after World War I
People living in poverty
During World War II, Germany allied with Italy and Japan to form what?_______ Powers