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American Revolution - Anderson

Who was one of the leaders of the Boston Tea Party?
Which vocab word means, “An overthrow of the government by force?”
Which colony did NOT send delegates to the First Continental Congress?
Great Britain recognized American independence after signing the…
Which law put a tax on paper products in the American colonies?
What was the name of the King of England?
Who was the Commander of the Continental Army?
Where did the Proclamation of 1763 tell the colonists they couldn't go past?
Who was the patriot who made his famous "Midnight Ride?
Which country is the Marquis de Lafayette from?
Which vocab word means, “Speaking or standing up for someone?”
Who said the famous quote, "Give me liberty or give me death?"
In the Declaration of Independence, power is derived from…
What event took place when the colonists snuck aboard a British ship and dumped British tea into the Boston Harbor?
Which battle was the turning point in the Revolution?
Where did the British surrender to the American troops?
Who wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense?"
What were the first two armed conflicts of the war?
Who was the African American slave that became a poet and supported independence from Great Britain?
Who was an important member of the Continental Congress, helped frame the Declaration of Independence, and helped gain French support?
Which European philosopher did Thomas Jefferson get a lot of his ideas from?
Which vocab word means, “When you have to give the government money?”
Which vocab word means, “A person who loves their country and will fight for it?”
How many (unalienable) rights are listed in the Declaration of Independence?
Yes/No: Were American colonists happy with being controlled by the British government?