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Biome review - the first 2 sections

Teacher: Mr. Kelley
This is described by its vegetation because of the plants that grow in that region.
An orchid that grows in the canopy is also known as an _____ because it lives on the surface of a tree.
Plants in a particular biome adapt in order for them to ____ in that region.
Trees and shrubs do not grow taller than 3.5 meters in this layer.
Logging and oil exploration causes habitat ____.
The Pacific Northwest has this type of rain forest.
In the Pacific Northwest rainfall and what kind of breezes keep the temperatures cool in the summer?
The height above sea level is known as _____.
A biome's temperature, precipitation, humidity & wind is its ________.
Tropical rain forests are located in a belt around the Earth near the _____.
Tropical rain forests are always warm and (5 spaces) and receive at least 200 cm of (4 spaces) per year.
This gets denser as the temperature and precipitation increase.
What can transfer nutrients in a tropical rain forest from dead organic matter directly to the tree? ______
The distance north or south of the equator that is measured in degrees is known as ______.
The most fertile soil is found between the thirty and ___ degrees north and south latitude.