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Bee Smart Crossword #7: Notable Beekeeping Researchers

Bee Smart beekeeping project
Roger _____, Biologist and beekeeper, respected and notable researcher into Varroa mites,
Maryann _____, Senior Extension Associate at Penn State. Special focus on IPM, pollination and mite resistance.
Also known as "Brother Adam", brought the world the "Buckfast" honey bee.
Brought about the Dolittle queen rearing method.
Lorenzo _______, inventor of the modern conventional bee hive. Invented in the 1850's.
Warwick ___, notorious for unleashing the Africanized honey bee into the Americas.
First commercial beekeeper in the U.S.
Researcher at University of Minnesota. Most well known for work in honey bee hygienic behavior.
Francois _____, Swiss and blind bee enthusiast and researcher in the late 1700's whose work precipitated modern understanding of honey bee biology.
Abbe Emile _____, French inventor of "the People's Hive" also named after him.
Eva ____, author of "World History of Beekeeping & Honey Hunting "
Charles _______, Fench immigrant who invented a well designed hive and was a known author of beekeeping articles, eventually bought "American Bee Journal".
Karl Von ___, researcher of Honey bee communication.
Clarence ______, Mississippi State University Entomologist, and beekeeper. Author of "What Do You Know" & monthly article contributor to Bee Culture Magazine.
Tom _____, Honey bee researcher and author of "Honey Bee Democracy".
A.I.____, 's beekeeper & originator of "ABC of Bee Culture" which has become "Bee Culture Magazine"
Marie-Aimee _____-, entomologist, spouse, and research assistant to blind researcher in #12.