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UNIT 2: Changing To Become Like God - Crossword Puzzle

Often referred to herself as a "messenger."
Separation from God results in _______.
A sullen submission to the will of the Father.
A gift given when you confess your sins and allow God to have control in your life.
How ones shows that they are filled with the Holy Spirit. The characteristics one reflects.
Another name for Trinity.
The sin problem started with whom?
God so loved the world that He gave His only _______ son... John 3:16.
When obedience is a mere mechanical performance.
Tongues of _____. A symbol of the Holy Spirit.
A book that is no ordinary book and neither is it a new one. A collection of 66 books & letters.
Who Jesus called, "The Greatest of Prophets."
Psalms 23, is considered to be a ______.
________ is asking forgiveness for specific sins.
What God gives to help one overcome sin?
A prophet that God sent the message - "Can a leopard take away its spots?"
________ reflects the loving character of our Creator - God.
Name given to this group, GOD: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, in the New Testament.
Another name for the Bible
One of three prophets whose book has been preserved and included in the Old Testament.