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Paul Revere's Ride

Beneath the ________ lay the dead.
He felt the _____ of the river fog.
The time on the clock when Paul rode into Medford.
Revere saw this shiny rooftop instrument.
A colonial bullet.
The meeting-house _______ gave a ghostly glare.
The first word of the poem.
First published Paul Revere's Ride.
The fate of the _______ was on Revere's success.
When he rode into Medford, he heard a farmer's _______.
At 2 o'clock he rode into this town.
The town where Revere rowed his boat.
On the 18th of this month in 1775, Revere made his ride.
Revere's friend used this to signal.
Author of the poem.
This was beneath the tower of the church.
The name of the British warship that had the look of a prison.
Revere tightened his _______ while waiting.
The nickname of the British military.
The time on the clock when he rode into Lexington.
These birds were startled in the belfry of the church.
One if by land, ______ if by sea.
To stand up and not be afraid.