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History of Europe Review

Leader of The Nazi Party
Type of government the US wanted to spread
Purpose of the League of Nations
Agreements between countries
Obtaining and occupying colonies to form an empire
Economies in a terrible shape
Moved across Europe and liberated camps as they traveled
Country that was invaded to start WWII
Pilots dropped food and supplies into the city
War associated with the Holocaust
Tension between US and Solviet Union
Treaty that forced Germany to accept blame for WWI
Type of government Khrushchev wanted to spread
People persecuted during the Holocaust
Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism
The country the Berlin Wall was built in
Symbolic division between countries after WWII
Build up of armies and navies to protect themselves
Pay money to damages caused during war
When citizens feel fierce pride in the home country
Responsible for placing nuclear weapons in Cuba