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World History Vocab. List

A long narrative which communicates cultural values
A government that is controlled by God, or the gods, either directly or through representatives
The art of speaking publicly and defending an argument
The history and culture of a group of people that is passed verbally from generation to generation
Events or ideas that are long-lasting, widespread and/or direction-changing
The use of humor for social or political commentary
A ruling family that passes sovereignty from generation to generation
The social and political situation which occurs when there is no one who is clearly in authority
A culturally developed and complex human society
Aggressively fearful of anything foreign or alien
Something that an individual or group leaves for those who come after them
A self-sufficient and independent city with the land surrounding it
A shared set of traditions, values and beliefs
A system of gods who are typically depicted as related dieties who rule over the world
The sharing and exchanging of ideas between two or more groups of people
A written plan of government
The advisors and non-elected officials responsible for the regular procedures and day-to-day functions of a governing body
A skilled, specialized worker
A group of volunteer citizen-soldiers
A loose alliance of colonies or city-states