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To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword

Leads the mob to kill Tom Robinson
Scout's older brother
Calpurnia's son; garbage collector
The reverend who the kids sit with
Never kill one of these
Title of the book
Lives across the street; close to the kids
Old lade who Jem reads to
12 people who decide the guilt or innocence of a person
Black man; accused of raping Mayella
The last name of the main characters
Lied about Tom Robinson rapeing her
The father of the main character
Tom and Helen's employer who protects Helen from Bob
Tom Robinson's wife
What Boo Radley does to Bob Ewell
When you have not committed a crime
The nickname of the main character
Boo's Uncle
Friend of Scouts who scares them on the way to the pageant
Laws which allowed black and whites to be separated
The attorney who is opposed to Atticus
The real name of the main character
The town sheriff
The Judge which runs the court with Tom Robinson
Aunt Alexandra's grandson
The Finches black servant
Where Tom Robinson is tried
Where all the Finch money was made before Atticus
Scout and Jem's friend; only comes in the summer
Gossips; the kids don't really care for her
Atticus' younger brother
Dill's Aunt
The town the story takes place in
Atticus' older sister
What the court declared Tom Robinson
Tried to attack the kids; father of Mayella
Saves Jem at the end of the book
The Ewell son who only comes to school once a year
Were Calpurnia takes the kids
What Atticus shoots, which starts people calling him "one shot finch" again
What Jem breaks at the beginning of the book that is alluded to at the beginning