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7th Grade U.S. History Review Crossword

Reconstruction after the civil war
A white Southerner who supported the Republicans during Reconstruction
The fifteenth amendment was about....
This was a 12 year period of time after the Civil War when programs were created to reunite the North and South
Name of a group of laws that enforced segregation of Black and White People in the South
Even though African Americans could vote shortly after the end of the Civil War, who could not for many years to come?
This was a place that was very important for African Americans to come together and worship as well as exchange ideas and organize
A system of farming in which farmers work another's lad and use part of their crops as rent
Group in Congress that wanted to really punish the South for the Civil War and Slavery
What part of Congress impeaches the President?
Name of Lincoln's plan for reconstruction
The ______________ claus prohibited you from voting if you ______________(same word) was unable to vote.
This is a type of tax that a person would have to pay upon voting
The ___________ of 1877 resulted in Hayes being President and the Reconstruction ending in the South.
Separation of the races
Lincoln suspended this right during the Civil War to keep Confederates imprisoned for the duration of the war
After many years of Reconstruction, the North lost ______________ in the South's problems
This man became president in 1876
The 13th Amendment was about ....
What did President Johnson do more than all other previous Presidents combined?
Last name of the man who killed Lincoln
The 14th Amendment was about....
The federal agency created to help emancipated African Americans adjust to life as free people
Johnson's plan was more similar to _____________'s plan.
While Lincoln's plan called for ten percent of people in the state to support the newly amended Constitution, the Radical Republicans wanted it to be at least ______ percent
Similar to Jim Crow Laws, these restrictions on African Americans came after the Civil War but Before Reconstruction
Unjust treatment of someone based on prejudice
The main thing that the Ku Klux Klan tried to do is prevent African Americans from __________
If a southern state had not created a new state Constitution and ratified the 14th Amendment, that state would be put under ______________ rule.
This is a Northerner who moved to the South after the Civil War for political gain
The process of charging a high public official, such as the President, with a crime
After the Civil War, African American couples were finally able to __________
Congress decided to ______________ President Johnson after he ignored the Tenure of Office Act and fired Secretary of War Edwin Stanton
This is a government pardon for an offense
What part of Congress conducts the trial of the President to possibly remove him from office?