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2nd Annual Holler Baller Christmas Crossword

Keep the change, ya filthy animal! 
-XOXO, Emma
Emma's favorite salty Christmas snack (2 words)
Mean one who made phenomenal cardiovascular gains in a single day!
"Good Christian men, _______!"
"Feliz ______!"
George Foreman's favorite day of the holiday season (2 words)
Of the three gifts of the wisemen, the one you might actually want if you just had a baby
Holiday ice cream flavor
What to say if you burn your latkes! (2 words)
Eponymous main character in American lit; he sled til he was nearly dead! (2 words)
Stocking stuffer for Scrooge
Vegan Christmas turkey alternative (2 words)
Pint-size domestic Yuletide spy (4 words)
Eat black eyed peas on New Year's Day for good _____
"A nice ______ pizza just for me!"
Snoop's rap name, if he pulled a toboggan (2 words)
Day for lords a-leapin'
Santa's evil Eastern European counterpart
Home Alone pet
"Buzz! Your girlfriend, ______!"
Place for Santa (or Dick van Dyke with a cockney accent)
Weaponized kissing ball, maybe (2 words)
Traditional Christmas cuisine of the Jews
Reindeer by day, Latin lover and silent film actor by night (2 words)
Ethereal Celtic singer of Christmas album "And Winter Came"
"Christians and the Pagans" singer Williams
Even these creatures weren't stirring!
Harry Potter Chrismas soiree (2 words)
You would go to this biome if you wanted to make a tart seasonal sauce (2 words)
"You get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car!" gift giver
Aid for a gingerbread amputee? (2 words)
Christmas flower that the wall will keep out
A way to get home for the holidays—or to deliver presents
"Tell your friend Veronica, here comes ______!"
"______ we have heard on high!"
Sticky seedling substance
Kid name for Kanye or polar choice of elves everywhere
Ride to Bethlehem