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Music History

Name: ___________________________________
Drama set to music
Handel's "Messiah" is an example of this type of composition.
Music with only one part.
Secular vocal composition of the Renaissance.
Being employed by a royal court or the church.
Baroque composer who wrote Messiah.
Music written fro the royal court.
This Baroque composer wrote "The Four Seasons" concerto.
The father of the symphony.
Type of imitative composition based on a single subject.
The classical composer who was a child prodigy
Sacred vocal composition of the Renaissance.
Monophonic vocal composition of the Middle Ages.
The time period 1450-1600.
Baroque composer known for his fuges.
Musical structure that has multiple voices of equal importance
The time period 476-1400
Musical structure which is the basis for a symphony.
The time period from 1750-1825
The classical composer who went deaf during his career.
Music with one main melody with chordal accompaniment.
Music written for the church.
An extended work for orchestra.
Baroque composition for soloist and orchestra,
When you're out of Monet.