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History Chapter 4 Vocabulary

People on board the Mayflower who were not Separatists
Governor of Plymouth for nearly thirty0six years (2 words)
One of the friendly Indians who helped the Plymouth settlers
Combination house, fort, and church (2 words)
Settlement founded by the Pilgrims in 1620
Soldier chosen by the Pilgrims to guide them in dealing with the Indians and in building a settlement (3 words)
An offical permit to start settlements
Area where the pilgrims settled
Englishman who tried to start the colony of Roanoke of America (3 words)
Group of merchants who paid for the founding of Jamestown (2 words)
First governor of Plymouth (2 words)
Ship that brought the Pilgrims to America
Englishmen who wanted to separate from the Church of England
Name given to the Separatists and Strangers who traveled together on the Mayflower
A history of Plymouth written by William Bradford (3 words)
Leader of the Jamestown colony who said, "He that does not work shall not eat." (3 words)
Wild, empty land that has not been settled
England's first permanent settlement in the New World
English king who wanted to have a successful colony in America (3 words)
Bay on which Jamestown was built (2 words)
Early English colony in America that disappeared; called "The Lost Colony"
A written promise or agreement