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Global History Words Of The Day

Study how old ancient objects are by using radio carbon dating
To walk on two legs
To remain in one place
Sharing of ideas between cultures
Study of language
Study the biological evolution of humans
A specific moment when something begins to change
A position from which things are viewed
Before history was recorded
To attract and hold interest of
To differ from
A tool used to determine distances
People who are concerned with the origin and development of human society and the institutions, relationships, and ideas involved in social life
Understanding the context or contributing factors
Provides info about the meaning of lines, symbols, and other markings found on maps
Study soil, pollen and rocks to determine time periods of civilizations
A highly organized society with and advanced knowledge of farming, trade, government, art, and science
To remove the entails
One's point of view of an event
Study how the Earth's surface has changed over time
To take
Prejudice in favor or against and idea
Not domesticated or cultured, barbaric