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Black History

Teacher: Paden
The power or right to act speak or think as one wants without restraint
Large farms in the colonies that used the enforced labor on slaves
The state of being a slave
Different people/culture
Prejudice of someone of a different race
The state of being equal
Secret routes and safe houses used by 19th century slaves
The wife of Martin Luther King Jr.
A secret organization that wears white robes and believes in white supremacy
Someones who actively involved in a protest or a political or social issue
The former practice of segregating black people in the U.S
The courts 96th justice and its first african american justice
First black president
What the slaves did as labor on the plantation
The state of being equal
Withdraw from social relations as a punishment or protest
Black history month
The enforced separation of different ethnic groups
The administration of law
"I have a dream"
She didn't give up her seat on the bus
A war between citizens of the same country
National association for the advancement of color people
African american muslim minister and human rights activist
Informal executions by a mob, also known as hanging