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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Studio Art Vocabulary

Letters that are short and wide
Many different elements in a design
Where things go on a page
Letters that are the same thickness everywhere
Blue plus yellow
Letters that are tall and thin
Brightness or dullness of a color
One color plus its tints and shades
One color plus the two next to its complement
Reds, oranges, yellows
The way something looks like how it would feel.
Lightness or darkness of a color
To do over and over
Strong differences in a design
Blues, greens and violets
Balance that is exactly the same on both sides
Colors that cannot be made by any other colors on the color wheel.
Balance where sides are not identical
Shows some type of movement
Blue plus red
Letters that look like fancy handwriting
Number of colors on the color wheel
Colors that dull the intensity of each other.
Size comparisons
Parts of lower case letters that go above the main line
Total opposites, causes tension
Letters designed
A Primary and a secondary colors mixed together
Very formal, old English style of lettering
Wholeness or oneness of a design
Opposite on the color wheel
Letters that are slanted to the left for emphasis
Letters that look 3D
Color plus white
The background space
Red plus yellow
The space that an object takes up
Letters that are thick and thin and have serifs
Stands out or takes over
Forms an equilateral triangle on the color wheel
Color plus black
Fine decorative cross strokes on letters (Roman)
Another name for color