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American History Chapter 7

This branch Interprets the laws
The presence of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin ensured that many people would trust the Convention’s
__ has the power to declare war and “raise and support armies.”
lawmaking branch of government
This group organized the first American antislavery society
was the presiding officer at the Constitutional Convention
Shays' ___ frightened many Americans. They worried that the government could not control unrest and prevent violence
The legislative branch is composed of the House of Representatives and the __
Who suggested the Great Compromise
The Framers to divide the federal government into __ branches—legislative, executive, andjudicial
People who opposed the Constitution were called
The executive branch is headed by the
How many states did Congress need to pass a law under the Articles of Confederation?
This plan one-house legislature, with one vote for each state.
Anti-federalist main argument was that the strong national government created by the Constitution would take away the civil __
a New York lawyer, proposed calling a convention, in Philadelphia to discuss trade issues.
The Articles of Confederation was America's __ constitution
is “the supreme law of the land.”
He believed all people had natural rights
Supporters of the new Constitution were called
He introduced the Virginia Plan
The English bill of __ of 1689 provided another model for Americans. Many Americans felt that the Constitution also needed a bill of rights
Each branch has ways to check, or limit, the power of the others so that no single branch can dominate the government. This process is called check and
Under the __ Ordinance of 1787, when population reached 60,000 they could apply for statehood
He led a rebellion of a 1,000 farmers toward the federal arsenal in Springfield, Massachusetts, in search of guns and ammunition
Many ideas found in the Constitution came from the study of European political institutions and political ___
carry out laws
The two most __ federalist were George Washington and Benjamin Franklin
This plan called for Two houses, with membership proportional to state’s population (larger states would receive more delegates than small states.)
The president and a vice president are elected by a special group called the __ college