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American History I Unit 4

Political Party that favored a strong central government
NOT favoring EITHER side in a war or argument
Believing that your country is better than all other countries
When a STATE refuses to follow a NATIONAL law
Alien and ____ Acts: Tried to keep foreigners out of the U.S.
______ Treaty: Spain allowed the U.S. access to New Orleans
Union of two or more to support a common cause
_____ Doctrine: Forbidding further colonization in America by foreign countries
______ Revolution: Over threw the king and established a republic
_____ - Republicans: Favored strong, more independent states
Extreme loyalty to a region or state
Andew _____ won the Battle of New Orleans
_____ Purchase: Doubled the size of the United States
_____ Revolution: The war that led to the Colonies' freedom
Government where people choose representatives to make laws
Treaty of _____: Ended the War of 1812
_____ Treaty: Britain agreed to pay for American ships they had seized