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#2 for WJ some history and some "er" sounds

Family at 3664 after Wiebe's
Back end of a ship also last name of Christy
First name of LBJ's VP - Warren met him
One of Warren's garden tools
Uncool person
Mr. Shute
Haley - US NATO rep.
Warren's sister
Last name of only female Gov. Gen. of Ontario
Cattle food and Ed's ex's maiden name
Krazowski the builder
Gov Gen who killed a cyclist
Tarheels coach for 36 years
Receptacle for human ashes
QB for Bills and Argos
Old gas company - sponsored hockey on radio
Ronnie Pope's older son
Wonder dog who lived next door
What some women do to their hair
Wally's wife
Bad lady or female dog
Nearest golf course to D's cottage
The expert of storm doors
To long for something
2000 lbs
Brown the real estate agent
What corn grows on
Warren's early school
Domi of hockey
Perry Mason Actor
Short form for "regarding"
"Misery" actress with Caan
PC Gov Gen 95-99 Charlie ....
We study in order to ......
Swoosh athletic wear
What fire does
"Nebraska" male star
Ontario premier after Harris
Mr. K
It turns cream into butter
D's dog when they first met Wiebe's
Last name of Ian Scott's life partner
Q's wife
...... Brittle
Eva's motel in Myrtle Beach
Plant with no seeds or flowers
Joey .... Warren's favourite Jays reliever
Sheilagh calls him Dingledorf
Readers' .........
Sheilagh's nick name for Ronny
First name of Cam's friend many years ago who lived behind you
What a car signal light indicates
Nick name of one time McMaster fireballer
They spread disease
What Warren wore out while walking home from Go station
Part of a fork