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The Golden Age of Ancient Greece

Ancient Civilizations
During the Golden age, what became important?
Gods, Goddesses, and people were called______
The term Golden Age refers to a time when a ____ or nation is at it's greatest.
The ____ olympic games began in 1896.
Olympic games were held every how many years?
Greek Architects were always busy at work building _____.
Philosophy comes from the two Greek words meaning _____?
Who was an important Greek philosopher?
____ began in the Golden Age of Greece.
Tragedies were part of a big______held each year.
In _____, there was an outdoor theater that had room for about 14,000 people.
Greek _____ were usually about a person who faced difficult decisions.
One famous temple was called______?
The famous temple was on the grounds of _____.
The statue of zeus at olympia was one of the ______.
Chariot racing, horse racing, wrestling, boxing were some of the______.