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Georgia and Early American History

By: Tate M. Rasheed
Brown 1st Period
Bloodiest one day battle in war
People who wanted independence from Great Britian
A legislative body that has a single legislative chamber
Supreme Court ruling slaves were not citizens
Established the functions of the US govt. after Independence
King of Great Britian during Colonization
A name for the first ten amendments
Conflict between France and England
Elijah Clarke led the rebels in this battle
Involuntary servitude of African Americans
Final removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia
The enforced racial separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment
First university in Georgia
Declaration of something not being legal anymore
First President of United States
A legislative body having two branches of chambers
Gave the average Georgian a chance to buy land at pennies on the dollar
Invention invented to quickly remove seeds from the cotton fibers
Major technological advances in the 19th century
People who remained loyal to Great Britian
To pat the tax you had to buy a stamp