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Spelling list 12

A physical _____________________
You work out to become ______________________.
A GPS is a _______________.
Chocolate is a __________________ flavor of ice cream.
We had to use the _______________________ to create electricity in our house.
Nobody likes to go to the ______________________.
We use our________________ to store food.
To be correct
Are you ________________ with your spelling words??
A Godly scientist is a _________________.
Amelia Earhart was an _______________________.
Faces can be __________shape.
He needed _____________ surgery after falling from a tree.
Somebody who writes for a newspapaer
I ordered my ____________ meal.
Water will _____________________ when it boils.
The _____________________ will travel to Italy to preach.
A person who draws pictures for a book
And He will be called Wonderful ____________, Everlasting God......
When you work hard to get a job done you are very _____________________.
The ball was a ___________________ shape.
She eats a ___________________ kind of food everyday.
The new light was very ______________________.
Someone who buys products at the store is the ______________________.
Someone who plays the piano