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8-1 "Latin America History"

This food was originally grown throughout Latin America; Valentines Day would be pretty lame without it.
This "super food" is indigenous to Latin America.
This Latin American island is an American territory.
Obsidian was important in order to make these:
The peninsula where many Mayan cities were located.
Country in which government controls the economy.
A form of writing that uses pictures and symbols.
A high ranking military officer or wealthy person who was in charge of Spanish colonies.
A large territory with many different people under 1 ruler.
A shiny, green precious stone found throughout Latin America.
A shiny, black volcanic rock with sharp edges.
This Latin American country was a colony of Portugal.
Crop originating in Latin America which provides us with fries, chips, and hashbrowns.
The name of the Maya capital city.
The U.S. built this to provide a shortcut for ships crossing the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
This country turned to communism after kicking out the mafia and closing American owned casinos.
The Aztec capital was located in this present day city:
Crops that are grown to be sold or exported.
The only Latin American country with a communist government.
After diseases wiped out natives, the Spanish began enslaving these people to do their work.